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Utah Lawn Care and Pest Control

Lawnaide Lawn Care has been servicing the Salt Lake Valley for many years and has become a leader in the industry. We hope this information encourages you in choosing us as your lawn care provider. We know that you are looking for a healthy, beautiful lawn, and a Lawn Care program at a reasonable price. We will do all we can to provide this for you. We simply strive to be the best Lawn care company in Utah. It is very important that you feel confident with the service and products that we provide are of the highest quality. Agronomics and economics need to fit together for you to be a satisfied customer. When you choose Lawnaide Lawn Care you can count on getting the best products and services that will promote a lush lawn free of weeds and lawn-feeding insects, along with a high level of customer service that takes your needs into account. A healthy lawn analysis will help us to asses your lawns overall health and identify the presence of weeds, insects or diseases. After completion of the lawn analysis we can then prescribe the most effective treatment for your customized lawn care program to achieve the greenest, thickest and healthiest lawn!