lawn aeration for autumn works best

Fall is the very best time to aerate your lawn. A Lawn growing in heavy clay soils or an area that gets a lot of traffic should be core aerated at least once a year. We recommend this because it is one of the most neglected but the most beneficial fall lawn care task.

Aerate your lawn

Aerate where you can’t push a screwdriver 5” into the soil and where water pools, where lawn looks thin, and where there is heavy traffic. Use a motorized aerator that removes plugs of soil. Water deeply so that you can push the aerator deep into the soil. Allow the lawn to dry slightly before you […]

Spring lawn care is important

The reality is that if you neglect spring lawn care, you will end up paying for it the rest of the season. Our Lawns will need to get a good start in early spring with the proper nutrients and preemergent application to give that boost and prevent weeds from taking over. We will also need […]

3 signs that it could be time to aerate

Three signs that it could be time to aerate your yard: 1. Your lawn is thinning. If your lawn seems to be thinning and you can’t figure any obvious cause, the reason may be soil compaction. 2. Lawn fertilizer doesn’t do good anymore. When soil is compacted, fertilizer nutrients are unable to reach the roots. […]

Beware of the Casual Aerator

Toward the end and the beginning of the growing season is the best time for lawn aeration. Lawn Aeration is great for our lawns, but beware of the “casual aerator” the neighborhood kid or person that rents the machine and hits up everyone for work. We are seeing lawn fungus on the rise, as these […]