Pest Control And Sanitation

Pest Control Sanitation Many pests can overwinter and survive inside fruit, tree parts, and debris. Keep a clean orchard environment to greatly reduce pest population: • Pick-up fallen fruit and fruit remaining on trees after harvest and destroy, or till under • Remove fallen fruit that before harvest immediately since they may contain insect larvae […]

Water Management

Mismanagement of water is a major contributing factor to many pest problems. Too little can stunt growth of trees, reduce development of root systems, and fruit yields, exacerbate the injurious effects of many pests. Severe water stress causes leaves to drop and fruit to remain on trees. Excessive watering kill roots by depriving them of […]

We strive to be the best!

Welcome to Lawnaide “We simply strive to be the best lawn care company in Utah” Lawnaide has been servicing Utah and the Salt Lake Valley for many years and has become a leader in the industry. We understand that you are looking for a healthy, beautiful lawn, and Lawn Care program at a reasonable price. […]

Encourage Microbial Soil Activity

A soil that contains 3 to 5 percent organic matter in the top 8 to 12 inches will have a very active microbial population. Microbes do some very important things to our soil: decompose that, control disease and pests, and produce nutrients for the lawn.

NRS management tips

NRS Management tips Raise your mower height Aerate your lawn Moderate to high amounts of potash and phosphorus A balance of nitrogen Minimize shade Irrigate lightly Avoid drought stress Reduce thatch Overseed with rye grass or a more tolerant bluegrass Apply a fungicide to prevent disease

Necrotic ring spot conditions

NRS will most likely initiate in moist soil and thrives in temperatures up to 80 degrees; it will become more severe in higher temperatures and drought conditions. Seeded and sodded sights in a recently cleared wooded area are susceptible to this disease. It can also be found in areas with compacted soil that are high […]

Necrotic ring spot

Necrotic ring spot first appears as small light green spot and will progress to thin, circular patches. The patches can expand up to 3 ft. in diameter. Grass can survive in the center of the patch which leads to a ring like appearance.

The Key Benefits Of Lawnaide’s Humate Application

The Key Benefits Of Lawnaide’s Humate Application 1) Optimize the structure of soil When soil is less fertile and sandy, humic acid will increase cation exchange capacity and retain water and beneficial micro nutrient, which will increase the fertility of soil. In heavy compact clay conditions, Humic acid will function with fungi to construct a […]

Lawn clippings mulched back into the lawn

Lawn clippings should always be mulched back into your lawn. The benefits of mulching are too numerous and valuable for us to ignore. It provides nutrients for the soil to saving a significant amount of time and money, mulching lawn clippings just makes sense. Much like mulching fall leaves into the lawn, lawn clippings add […]

lawn disease

It is possible to find every imaginable disease spore present in any soil. Three factors need to present it in order for grass diseases to develop. The factors are the host plant, the pathogen, and the environment, often called the disease triangle. The pathogen will infect the grass if the environment that favors the disease […]