Pest Control And Sanitation

Pest Control Sanitation Many pests can overwinter and survive inside fruit, tree parts, and debris. Keep a clean orchard environment to greatly reduce pest population: • Pick-up fallen fruit and fruit remaining on trees after harvest and destroy, or till under • Remove fallen fruit that before harvest immediately since they may contain insect larvae […]

Tree Nutrition

Plants are subject to the soils they are planted in. Biostimulants can enhance soil microflora to help make uptake of nutrients more effective. Others will increase antioxidant activity in plants thus boosting internal defenses against environmental stresses and diseases. Hormones, depending on type, can stimulate new growth and root development. All  are designed to promote […]

Fall tree fertilizing

Spring and fall fertilizing is the cornerstone of LawnAides Plant Maintenance program. We use a fertilizer with micro nutrients and humates to help promote leaf growth. As autumn progresses, trees begin their dormancy stage. Water, in the tree, travels down where it is used to aid in the growth and development of the roots. Our […]

Fall deep-root fertilizing

As autumn progresses, trees start their dormancy stage. Water, in the tree, travels downward to aid in the growth and development of the roots.  Fall deep root fertilizer aides in supplying specific nutrients and minerals to help the roots grow. This is especially important for newly planted trees and shrubs that could have been harmed […]

Homemade Dormant Oil

The use of dormant oil spray on trees is an effective way to control insects. These oils can be made with common household ingredients and can be just as effective as commercially produced variety. To control soft bodied pests like aphids, mites or mealy-bugs you mix canola oil, laundry detergent and a quart of water. […]

How to spray your fruit trees with dormant oil

Spraying your fruit trees with dormant oils will smother disease causing fungi, insects and their eggs. Dormant oils can damage leaves and needles on trees and shrubs so it is advisable to spray while they are dormant and before the buds on your deciduous trees have begun to open. Prune all the dead branches with […]