Soil Cultivation

A healthy soil will have 3 to 5% organic content such as lawn clippings, chopped leaves twigs and so forth. It will also have things that were living but have died such as roots, worm’s, insects, and microorganisms. The true reality of Americans lawns is that the average lawn has less than 1 percent. This […]

Deep Roots need less water

The deeper the root system from you lawn the more likely it is to withstand longer periods of drought conditions. If we water our lawns for longer durations each water cycle and less often each week the water will penetrate deeper into the soil and cause the root system to go deeper to attain the […]

Category 2 Insect Problems

There are a number of insects that cause damage to turf. Understanding these insects’ life-cycle can help homeowners understand how to better control them. There are 2 types of lawn damaging insects: those that feed above the soil on the lawn blades, and those that create damage below the soil. Insects Benefits There far more […]