Stickers and spreaders for optimum weed control

Lawn weeds have a protective coating almost like a waxed car. On these surfaces an herbicide can bead up and roll off. When this happens you won’t get the control you are looking for and could lead to repeated spraying. A sticker and spreader can help greatly. Sticker and spreaders are generally sold as a […]


Nimblewill a perennial grassy weed resembles bermudagrass. is most prominent when growing in cool season grasses and difficult to kill. It is a wiry, upright growing perennial and is considered an invasive weed that invades lawns, flowerbeds, and gardens. It resembles a creeping bentgrass and bermudagrass. However, it lacks long runners of bermudagrass. It stands […]

lawn weeds dont do well in a healthy lawn

Weeds will easily invade a thin and stressed lawn so the best way to prevent them is to maintain a dense and healthy lawn that will make it hard for weeds to grow.

White clover

White clover used to be a normal addition to lawn seed blends; today it is consider a lawn weed. Clover has the ability to capture nitrogen from the atmosphere and convert it as usable to plants. When mixed with the lawn seed it serves as a nurse plant, protecting the seedlings and supplying them with […]

autumn is a time of harvest

For man, autumn is a time of harvest, of gathering together. For nature, it is a time of sowing, of scattering abroad. ~Edwin Way Teale

Winter annual weed identification

Chickweed is a winter annual preferring moist areas of your lawn. It’s common to see growing in gardens, beds under trees or in the shaded sides of your home. It is tolerant to cold weather and can survive temperatures near 0 degrees. It blooms all winter even at temperatures below freezing. Chickweed has a shallow […]

Winter weed identification

Corn Speedwell is a winter annual that germinates during the fall.  During fall, corn speedwell will grow and spread quickly. Surviving the winter then growing considerably more by mid-spring. This weed is seen mostly in poor quality turf and won’t compete well with thick lawns. It is a prostrate weed that forms dense mats. In a turf […]

Problem annual weeds in lawns

Crabgrass, foxtail, goose-grass and barnyard-grass are problem annual weeds in Utah. Properly irrigate to help maintain annual weed infestation. A light, frequent irrigation will encourage weed seed germination, even when a pre-emergent herbicide has been applied.

Lawn weeds don’t like competition

Lawn weeds don’t like competition; a thick lawn is your greatest defense against most weeds. A Focus of attention on weed control without building a thick turf is a total guarantee of continued weed problems. A lawns in poor condition, can take a couple of years before you notice a major reduction in lawn weeds.

Preemergence herbicides

Preemergence herbicides manage crabgrass by preventing the seeds germinating and becoming established. For effectiveness, it must be applied before the seed germinates. In Utah, crabgrass seed can germinate from late March to late April. Apply preemergence two to four weeks before the above dates. Actual germination will vary from year to year, depending on weather. […]